Published On: Wed, Sep 16th, 2020

Delivering Unmatched Performance for Industrial Pumping Needs

Industrial pumps that can withstand the harshest of fluids are a necessity for several industries. Industries ranging from food processing to cosmetic & herbal need tenacious pumps to serve the requirements and purposes of handling difficult applications.

Roto Pumps offers efficient industrial pumps that have already served around 5000 applications in more than 25 industries providing. They provide extremely cost-effective and customized pumping solutions across a range of industries. This brand understands the pumping demands and requisites of every industry. Roto Pumps excels as a screw pump manufacturing unit with its Single Screw Pumps and Twin Screw Pumps.

Single Screw Pumps are ideal for the treatment of liquids that require smooth and non-pulsating flow. Single Screw Pumps are widely used by industries dealing with shipping, chemicals, ceramic, paper, wastewater, paint, oil & gas. These pumps efficiently handle the treatment of abrasive and non-abrasive liquids, with and without solid particles like sewage, sludge, bilge, and foods like jelly, yeast, and ketchup without causing any clogging. Single Screw Pumps have a very low life cycle making them a suitable choice for a range of industrial purposes.

Roto Pumps, being credible Screw Pump manufacturers, offers Twin Screw Pumps for various sections of the industry. Twin Screw Pumps consist of a set of two spindles fixed in a compartment while maintaining a gap between the compartment and the spindles. These spindles rotate in opposite directions from each other, resulting in the pulling of the liquid from the suction side of the pump. The spindles are powered by a motor and come with timing gear.

Twin Screw Pumps offered by Roto Pumps are built to handle lubricating/non-lubricating as well as aggressive liquids. These pumps come with a unique double profile of screw flanks ensuring higher volumetric efficiency. Safe operation and trouble-free service life act as an addition to the efficient working of the Twin-Screw Pumps.

The high-end performance of Twin Pumps gives Roto pumps an edge over its competitors as a Screw Pumps Manufacturers.

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