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Kolkata Hotels

  • Hotels in Kolkata
    Oct 11 2014

    Best Hotels in Kolkata

    Looking for a hotel in the city of joy? Hotels in Kolkata are as diverse as the city itself – from quirky to luxurious and everything in between, many of them possessing a quaint colonial charm. The best locations to book a Kolkata hotel is around Park Street and Sudder Street as it keeps you […]

  • Kolkata Hotels
    Feb 04 2014

    Kolkata Hotels: Categories And Best Choices

    Available in various categories and types, Kolkata Hotels are great expression of finesse and cultural buoyancy. Kolkata is the renowned ‘Cultural Capital of India’ which cherishes its deep rooted bond with its traditional values, music, art and culture. The nation where several world-renowned artists and revolutionaries such as Rabindranath Tagore and Subhash Chandra Bose were born, […]