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Breathtaking Bali Holidays: A Perfect Asian Rejoice

If you are searching for an ideal and at the same an offbeat holiday destination, then consider Bali to be your next destination, which is often referred as a paradise for tourism. It is basically a small province of the country of Indonesia, popular worldwide for being an enchanting historic holiday destination. It is basically consisted of several small islands, making one province. There are some popular tourist spots and some un-spoilt or lesser known places that are offering virgin nature at its best. Due to its fascinating natural beauty, glorious historic past and mixed tribal cultural aspects, Bali has become the Mecca of tourism in Indonesia.

Culture – Population – Religion

Bali is a small province of Indonesia and as it consists of several small or tiny isles, it is not the ideal place for human living. Most of the islands are virgin, free from reaches of Human beings and thus, traces of civilization are restricted to only some specified areas of this island. According to 2010 survey, the state has a population only of 3,891,428 people. Major religious group of this state is the Hindus and others are the followers of Islam. Though, traces of human civilization are limited in this place, it is estimated that the candle of human civilization was first enlightened in Bali in 2000 BC. The local tribal groups or Balinese Hindus are now carrying the cultural legacy of the past. There are some major historic landmarks in Bali, which will provide you the glimpses of rich culture and heritage of this small province of Indonesia.

Bali Holidays

Reaching Bali

There is no rail network in Bali yet, thus the only way of reaching Bali conveniently is to opt for flights. Ngurah Rai International Airport is the only airport of Bali, hosting international flights from several major locations of the earth. Holidays in Bali would become a unique experience if you opt for cruise services to reach Bali. Though, journey via cruise is quite tiring and the sickness may spoil your Bali holiday completely.

Tourist Attractions of Bali

Beaches are the focal points of tourism industry of Bali and the beaches are quite exotic. Beaches in this part of the world consist of white sand, on which small sea waves lash on gently. The turquoise blue sea water is fresh and safe for sunbathing. You can enjoy swimming, dipping in water, water sports and many other activities. You can explore the marine life by opting for underwater dip, which will take you to coral reefs. Colorful coral reefs are generally surrounded by a lot of fishes and other marine inhabitants. Bali holidays would remain unfinished without visiting the two temples of Bali, which are considered as most famous landmarks of Bali. The Mother Temple of Besakih is the one of them, where Balinese Hindu Goddess is worshipped. Another temple is Pua Tanah, which is basically a sea temple, located at the shore of Denpasar Beach, amidst a pristine as well as serene ambience. Along with these places, there are several other historic temples, which are worth to be included in Bali holiday packages.

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