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Exhilarating Goa Holidays: Explore the Wild Sea and Crazy Sea Beaches of Goa

Goa is a small Indian state, where tourism sector is mushrooming in a rapid speed. As tourism is the major source of economy for this Indian state, plenty of small-medium and even large five-star rated hotels have been constructed of late to accommodate the tourists of Goa. Goa is famous for its exotic beaches – a glimpse of Arabian Sea can be clinched from the golden sea beaches of Goa. Palm trees, golden sands and deep blue fascinating as well as dynamic sea water are the points of attraction for the tourists in Goa. Centering the sea or beaches, several kinds of tourist amusements have been developed.

Goa Weather – Best Time to Visit

Goa HolidaysIf you are planning for a Goa holiday, then you would be happy to know that there are no real prominent season times in Goa, and thus this place can be visited at any time of the year. However, huge tourist inflow has been noted from the month of September to the month of March. During this time, weather stays pleasant, cool and calm. While during summer, Sea beaches become a bit harsh for the skin. However, nights of summer are extremely soothing. Cool breezes, coming from sea side, will definitely give you relief, peace and extreme satisfaction.

Beaches of Goa

Beaches of Goa are divided into two sects, the first part is north beaches and the other part is south beaches. The distinction is not only based on the geographical location, but also based on the behavior of the beaches. Northern beaches promise energetic ambience, wild fun, beach party, exclusive nightlife and all sorts of modernized facilities. On the other hand, southern beaches are calm, serene and amazing in terms of scenic beauty. Hence, if you are planning for holidays in Goa, choose the beaches to stay carefully, meet your requirements and preferences with precision. You may ask for help from experienced tour operators in this regard. Among a lot of beaches some of the most famous beaches of Goa are: Baga Beach, Arjuna Beach, Calangute beach, Colva beach, etc.

Things To Do in Goa

Enjoy your Goa holidays with plenty of amusements that are offered to the tourists in this small, yet exotic state of India. Here are some of the exciting things to do in Goa:

  • Beach Fun – Adventure – Sunbathing: Beaches are the center of tourist attractions for Goa and hence it is obvious that tourists will be offered so many beach fun or amusements opportunities at these beaches. Sunbathing and beach sports are the most common ways to hang around at the beaches. You can more spices by participating in adventure sports, like scuba diving, underwater dipping, etc.
  • Mouth Littering Sea Foods: Goa is a place for the foodies, as various sorts of topical or sea foods are available at this place. Local food dishes are typically spicy, yet worth to be tasted. Indian style fish curry and European style lobster, along with a lot of other finger licking dishes will surely satisfy your taste buds.
  • Night Fun – Party and Drinks: Goa beaches turn into places of carnival during night time. Goa is known for its extremely energetic as well as engaging nightlife. Enjoy alcoholic beverages, typical Goan cocktails and ‘loud n’ hard’ music of the discotheques.

Stay Safe

Nightlife is safe in Goa, though precautions should be taken. Before participating in adventure activities at the beachside, one must carefully undergo the necessary training session.

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