Published On: Thu, Aug 14th, 2014

Spain Holidays: A Journey to the Most Fascinating and Jovial Country of Europe

Spain is an important part of Europe, a major member of European Union, possessing charming historic glories and colorful cultural aspects. The country is known as an excellent place to be visited for many reasons. First of all, it is blessed with wide natural diversity, where you would find dense green forests, white sand sea beaches and breathtaking mountain ranges. Secondly, the country’s weather is extremely suitable for tourism. Almost 315 days amongst 365 days, Spain remains sunny, yet not really hot and humid. And, finally, the most incredible parts of this European country are rich culture, unique lifestyle and delicious foods.

Spain holidays offer arrays of tourist spots or destinations, where tourists would feel the essence of this exquisite country of Europe. The country has its own charm and the history of Spain is quite fascinating. Almost all major places in Spain offer the glimpses of the fascinating history of this country and tourists often enjoy those exclusive historic charms. Here is a list of the places that you must-visit in your holidays in Spain. No matter how short your trip to Spain is, at least include a couple of these places in your travel itinerary to explore the Spanish charms and hues at the fullest.

Granada – An Old City

Spain Holidays

Granada is popular as small but old city of Spain, which possess loads of Arabic influences. The culture, monuments, foods and lifestyles of the local people often make the travelers to think that they are in some place of Middle East. Basically, Arabian traders used to come to this place long time ago. A lot of them loved this city so much that they decided to stay here permanently. For this reason, the city has an Arabian charm and it would not be exaggeration to call this city as the ‘Little Arab of Europe’. This small city is famous for its exquisite nightlife. It is completely safe for the tourist to be at outside during night time, hanging around in the local pubs or bars, with the famous Spanish drinks.

Barcelona – A Famous Tourist Spot

Barcelona is a dotted landmark in the map of Spain, which should not be missed out in a Spain holiday. The city of Barcelona is famous for many things, starting from its history, culture, foods and landmarks to its football, fun and amusements. To visit the local tourist landmarks, many people opt for personal car hire services or local taxi services. However, the best way of visiting within this city is opting for the double-decker buses. Do not forget to try out the spicy and tangy Spanish dishes at the local restaurants of Barcelona.

Madrid – The Capital of Spain

Make sure your Spain holiday packages must include, Madrid, the amazing capital city of Spain, known for its colorful urban aura. It is the economic capital as well as the cultural capital of Spain, offering a lot of important landmarks to be visited by the tourists. Ecstatic nightlife, amazing foods from the local cuisines and a lot of shopping activities are in offering for the tourists in Madrid.

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