Published On: Tue, May 6th, 2014

India Hotels Industries Set to Boom: The Country Is Turning a Major Tourist Hub of Asia

India is quickly becoming a robust tourist destination of Southeast Asia or Central Asia, where a lot of mysteries and wonders are waiting for the guests. The land of nirvana, India, is often known as the country, which is the global endorsement for unity in diversity. At India, diversification can be found in many aspects. Starting from its weather or climate to its people and culture – India is all about diversity, flaunting different shades and colors to the outsiders. The country’s north boasts of being blessed by the Great Himalaya while the southern part of the country boasts of its shiny beaches, endorsing the glimpses of the Great Indian Ocean.

Though having so many diversities, India has been successful to stay united as a country – as the largest democracy of the world. This is the key reason behind the success of this country in several economic sectors. The country is now a super power in the global picture. As the economy of the country is gaining swift pace, new traveling destinations are getting ready to receive its visitors. Indian cities are getting wrapped with the makeover of modernization. As tourists are showing positive interest to this country, accommodation options are also getting rehabilitated by both private and public ventures.

For seamless accommodations, India Hotels industry would not disappoint you. Starting from budget travelers to sophisticated high class travelers, everyone would get accommodation services at per their desire level in this country. “Atithi Deva Bhaba” – means guests are like Gods! Ethics of India teaches that guests are like Gods and hence, it is a social duty of every individual to serve their guests with precision. High quality as well as dedicated services can be experienced in this country in the hotels in India. In the Indian hill stations, climate is harsh and life is quite tough for the dwellers. Though, they welcome guests with open arms and with smiling faces.

Top Travel Destinations of India

India HotelsIf you are searching for hotels in India, then you must be eager to know the best places for tourism in India. Here is a guide for you:

  • North Indian Hill Stations: Northern most state of India is often called as the paradise of Earth. Kashmir valley is famous throughout the world for its exquisite natura
  • l beauty. Some other major north Indian hill stations are Shimla, Dharmashala, Leh – Ladakh, Manali, Nainital, etc.
  • Sea Beaches on the Bay of Bengal: Sea beaches on the Bay of Bengal are considered as prime tourist attractions of India. Most of these beaches are considered to be sacred, having tremendous religious essences. Accommodations are plenty in these east Indian beaches and amongst them some quality as well as sophisticated accommodations options can also be found.
  • Kanyakumari of South India: The southern India is also considered as the coastal regions and they are famous for the beaches located on the Great Indian Ocean. South India also offers seamless tourism opportunities, with its colorful festivals, safe accommodations and warm hospitality.
  • Desserts of the West: Portion of Western region of India is vastly covered with large dessert sands. This is yet another tourist attraction of India.

India hotels packages offer complete trip to the most fascinating places of this country. Choose your packages carefully by discussing with your trip advisor.

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