Published On: Wed, Jan 3rd, 2018

Amarnath Yatra – Find Inner Peace by Visiting Lord Shiva’s Shrine

Amarnath is another name of the supreme God of Hindu religion, Lord Shiva, who dwells here in the form of ice stalagmite, which is popularly called as Ice Shiva Linga. It is considered that worshipping Lord Shiva provides inner peace, mental strength and immense divine energy inside our body. If you are planning for Amarnath Yatra from UK, it has to be said that due to robust communication and transportation networks, reaching Amarnath from any place of the world has become easier. Previously, people had no other choice than opting for trekking to reach Amarnath and now travelers can enjoy helicopter services at a convenient rate to reach this pristine shrine of Lord Shiva.

An Overview of Amarnath Yarta

The most auspicious time for visiting Amarnath is during months of July and August, as it is considered that Lord Shiva married Devi Parvathi during this time of the year. A trip to Amarnath is considered to be one of the holiest pilgrimage trips of India. Those, who are seeking spiritual accomplishments or want to find inner peace, a trip to Amarnath will usher them towards their goals. Nestled inside a cave, at the foothills of Himalaya, Amarnath temple is one of the main attractions of the northern most state of India, Jammu & Kashmir. A trek to Amarnath can be annihilating, exhausting and mentally challenging. To aid the visitors, J&K government has launched helicopter services in the year of 2004. Since then, Amarnath Yatra Packages have been opted by many of the NRIs (Non Residential Indians). A trip to Amarnath is now a fun experience through the captivating natural trails amidst Himalayan regions of India.

Amarnath Yatra

Registration Procedure for Amarnath Yatra

To be a part of Amarnath Tour Packages, you have to get registered with the trip, 2-3 months early than your visiting date. The simplest way of getting registered in UK with an Amarnath trip is to find a good tour operator. You have to furnish some of the important documents regarding your identification and along with that you must undergo a thorough medical test. The medical test will ensure whether you are fit for this journey or not. The journey is long, tiring, hectic and amidst a challenging environmental situation. Low temperature and high altitude may cause serious health issues thus a medical test is a must-do thing. If you want to skip the tiring mountain trekking sessions, Amarnath Yatra by Helicopter is the most suitable option.

Nearby Places to Visit

If you live in UK, you may not get so many chances to visit India, especially the mighty Himalayan regions of India. So, do not make your Amarnath trip just a religious odyssey, but also enjoy the majestic charms of Himalaya. Picturesque valleys, adobe of clouds, snow clad mountain peaks and serene lakes are there to enthrall you. Some of the popular places to visit are Pehelgam, Chandanwari, Seshnag, etc. For complete trip ideas, Amarnath guide and itinerary, get in touch with a trusted Amarnath tour operator in UK. Fulfill your spiritual aspirations – get intimate with the divinity of Amarnath.

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