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Chardham Yatra – A Mystic Pilgrimage Of India

What is ChardhamYatra?

The holy trips of Yamunotri, Gangotri, Brdrinath and kedarnath are collectively named the Chardham. Char is a word for 4 in Hindi, and these four pilgrimages are the holiest places that offer the mystic spiritual experience to the pilgrims of India. You can experience the most spiritual state of life, and then the lofty peaks of Himalayas can offer you the same. According to Hinduism, the ChardhamYatra is the most sacred pilgrimage, which not only cleanses the sins of one, but also restricts birth after death of those who visit these four sacred spots. It is also believed that it is a great fortune to take birth in this region as the earth and heaven congregate in this sacred spot.

How to Travel?

Since it is a group of four sacred spots, your travel is a bit extensive. But, they are not much far off from one pilgrimage to the other. You would require traveling to India, via air and reaching the Delhi airport. You can move to Haridwar from Delhi, which takes 6 hours to cover the distance of 230 KM. From Haridwar most of the ChardhamYatra packages, stop at Barkot 184 KM away for a meal, and this is a place of scenic beauty. From 50 KM Barkot you can reach Yamunotri, the origin of river Yamuna. To move to Gangotri, you need to travel back to Barkot, from where you can reach Uttrakshi, 100 KM from where you can reach the pilgrimage of Gangotri. You can move to Kedarnath from here en route Guptakshi. A trekking of 14 KM is involved in reaching Kedarnath. You would be traveling around 200 Km to reach Badrinath from here.

CharDham Yatra

Know about the four sacred spots of ChardhamYatra:

  • Yamunotri: The goddess Yamunotri temple and the thermal springs are the chief attractions here. The temple here has been constructed in the 19th century. Since the origin of Yamuna is further distance of 4421 Km from this place, the obeisance is offered at the temple. The temple remains closed from November to April.
  • Gangotri- one of the four sacred spots of the ChardhamYatra tour, gets thousands of pilgrims round the year. This is considered to be the place where Ganges flowed from heaven to earth to answer the meditation of Prince Bhagirath. You can access this place through air, rail and road.
  • Kedarnathji- one of the 12 jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva, is one of the places of PanchKedar. The story runs to the legend of Mahabarath, where Pandavas sought pilgrimage to cleanse the sin of killing thousands in the epic battle.
  • Badrinathji- this is the most esteemed spiritual place of India, which lies near the river Alaknanda. The perfect time to visit this temple is between May and November.

Information to Know about ChardhamYatra:

The Garhwal Himalayas is where the four pilgrimages lie in India. The ChardhamYatra travelers can find plenty of options with more than 90 guest houses present all over the route. Accommodation options that can fit into everyone’s budget can be found here. You can experience a holy and spiritual mood in the four pilgrimages, which are tranquil and far from the disturbances of the cities.

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