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Saurashtra Darshan TourIn search of a comprehensive Saurashtra Travel Journey, you can get the best experience ever when you get to know more about the Saurashtra (Gujarat) Darshan. Mainly Saurashtra tours are mostly one of the popular tours. It takes you to one of the different eras altogether that are in short known as Saurashtra Tour. Saurashtra refers to indeed of a religion of one hundred kingdoms. It is one of the most striking areas in Gujarat. There are well sculptured temples, forts, mosques and glittering palaces, that all remind us of the historical past that holds our glory.

Important Saurashtra Darshan

  • Dwarka: Dwarka is the place where Lord Krishna ruled. There have been a number of excavations that proved to this fact. It is the land that is barren and which is unable to produce crops. Due to which it is known as the Shapit Bhumi, (a cursed land).The story of Dwarka goes on that Durvasa Muni had supposedly had gave a curse to Rukmini, because of which the land you see there is barren. Lord Krishna is existed widely acknowledged as Dwarkadhish or Ranchodrai in Gujarat. This temple is been built by Vajranabh, the son of the Lord Krishna. This temple was then built by the help of the Vishwakarma one of the famous architect of the Vedic period. He built temple purely with his power of mantras or holy spells and the beautiful carving at the top got spontaneously formed with his yogic power.
  • Somnath: Somnath is another name of the Lord Shiva. This temple is in Veraval. The history of this temple was that this temple was made by the Moon God, according to the story Moon was infatuated by his wife Rohini and so he ignored the other 26 wives. All of his wives were the daughters of Daksha Prajapati. This made him furious and then he cursed him that he would wane, all his shine that he used to full splendor every night, will shrink. Due to which the Lord Bramha advised him to pray to Lord Shiva so that his curse would be cured. After which Lord Shiva vanished the curse partially because of there is a periodic diminishing of moon. In reappearance of this gesture, the moon god gifted Lord Shiva by building a temple for him and after that Shiva came to be known as Somnath, the savior and Lord of the moon. Few years before it was destroyed and rebuilt for several times; accordingly the current temple is the seventh temple which is to be built to honor the splendor of Lord Somnath.

Saurashtra Darshan Tour Packages are been available at various other tourist agencies, which will provide you with the entire guidance and support at the time of travelling to these glorious places. Saurashtra Darshan Tour India has been one of the most well-known tourists and pilgrimage center. Saurashtra Darshan Tour will be one of most exciting and expressive tours which will be filled of emotions, love and adventures that will make you visit this peaceful temple.

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