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Jain Pilgrimage: Purify Your Mind, Body and Soul

The pilgrimage tour of India has been designed to get the harmony of mind, body and the soul. In India different people follow different religions, as it is a secular country. So, accordingly there are wide ranges of Jain pilgrimage tours in India. It is India, where some great religions like Sikhism, Buddhism, Hinduism, have been originated. Various religions exist in harmony in India.

Importance of This Journey:

Jain Pilgrimage Tours, Pali RanakpurThe practical tradition of each and every religion in this world is to pilgrimage to sacred places. All the hardships of the journey discipline our body, whereas the company of the fellow pilgrims strengthens our religious faith. To pray and worship at a particular site that is made holy by tradition or the honour of generations of the faithful, to stand at the place where the saints and the renowned religious leaders once stood, all these things are very much uplifting and inspiring. By visiting these kind of places your soul receives merit and your mind receives peace and a perfect combination of mind and soul is created. Different people interpret a pilgrimage differently. Many people are willing to lose themselves in this occasion. Rest may tend to take a better intellectual view, to dismiss the more magical legends, or at least to feel them as educative stories, rather than accepting them as the complete truth. But indeed few people can take a trip to the sacred places and come away unmoved.

How To Get To The Destination:

The liveliest part of the Jain religion is the Pilgrimages and the temples, not any dying tradition of the past. Many great works are being made possible all over the world by the contributions of Jains, to focus on Jain pilgrims who will come to pray before the three images of Pasva, Shantinatha and Mahavira, from the Great Britain, from India, Europe, and indeed from all parts of the world. People all across the globe come to visit this holy land. The holiday packages for the Jain pilgrimage are not limited to be offered to India only, also available across the world, like Jain pilgrimage tours from UK is available for the people living in the UK. Various Indian holiday destinations, offered by these holiday agencies include Gujarat, Rajasthan, Himachal, Kerala, Kashmir, etc. Jain pilgrimage tours from the UK, New Zealand, USA, Australia, Europe, Sri Lanka, the Far East, Nepal, are available. Besides the Jain Pilgrimage tour packages they provide these packages to Hindu and Sikh pilgrimages that are across
the world too. People normally prefer these services, as they can completely sit and relax and there is no such need to search for hotels, or guides, or anything to worry about the late evening arrival in unknown places. These agencies will take care of everything right from the start of your journey till the end of it. Depending on the person’s needs the packages can be for 3 days, 4 days and for around 2 weeks. Adults and kids will pay different package.

A pretty interesting fact about the pilgrimage tour in India is that although there are different types of tour for different religions, but being a secular country, India does not restrict any one to visit the religious places of others. This is what the true religion is! One can get purify his or her mind and body in any such tour, just set up your mind and start your Journey!

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