Published On: Sun, Jan 14th, 2018

Nav Shakti Peeth Yatra 2018

The world is encountering a new wave of freshness in all fields. It can be extremely critical times as human don’t enjoy significant roles in our life. There are lots of areas wherever you can buy luxury and comfort. But, there is also a world where you can get peace and prosperity. There are 9 Shakti Peeth which are very famous among the Treeth Yatries. Nowadays, many tour companies arrange Nav Shakti Peeth Yatra. Why don’t you take a leave from this materialized world and go to the Shakti Peeth Yatra to refresh your senses.

History of Shakti Peeth Sthapna

Kamakhya TempleThere was a King called Daksh Prajapati who had been child of Master Brahma. Sati Devi is one of his daughters. Sati Devi got married to Lord Shiva. When the king comes to yagya, everyone except his son in law stood up as respect. Daksha felt insulted by his own son in law.

And when Daksha conducted a yagya at his place, he didn’t invite Devi Sati and his husband. So Sati felt bad due to the non invitation from her father. When Sati, visited the yagya, her dad insulted her. Then when her dad began abusing her partner, she could not control her emotions and scarified herself in the place of yagya. Later Shiva went to the location of yagya and took out the body of Sati from the fire and began dancing with it. The world was scared out of this Tandava Nritya.

In those days Lord Vishnu became the savior and cut that body of Devi Sati into 51 pieces to truly save the mankind from the anger of Lord Shiva. It has also been believed that Lord Shiva was running, carrying the body of Devi Sati and Lord Indra and Lord Shani entered into that body and broke it into 51 different pieces.

After the entire human body disappears from his shoulders Shiva was back to normal state. He informed that “The places where the parts of Sati had fallen will be called as “Shakti Peethas”. At most of the Shakti peethas, Lord Shiva also seemed in different types and executed Tapasya. It is stated that whoever takes the Shakti Peeth Yatra, will soon be released from his/her charmic accounts.

The social concept of this yatra is really striking. Apart from all these, the divine environment of Shakti Peeth Yatra soothes the conscience of every person who visits there. Today’s tour companies which arrange Nav Shakti Peeth Yatra Packages, have especial packages. Most of the companies have good experience in tourism and travel so they know the needs of tourists and according to the tourist’s need they make the package. They have a highly knowledgeable guide and tell you each and every thing about Nav Shakti Peeth.

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