Published On: Thu, May 29th, 2014

Saurashtra Darshan Tours: An Unforgettable Expedition

Saurashtra Darshan Tour can linger in your minds for all the years to come. Most of the pilgrimages are meant for attaining peace of mind and stay away from the materialistic world, at least for the short period of time. You can immerse yourself in the world of tranquility of mind, when you visit the magnificent temples of Gujarat. The frames, walls and the mural paintings of the temples of Gujarat actually tell you the past of India, where the bygone era has been great in various arts. You can find the association of the place with the followers of Lord Krishna. This is the best tour you can find if you are interested in religious tours and also in the fine arts. Of course, Hinduism has its own reverence of arts, and arts like dance, paintings, music and poetry are considered to be a path to reach the almighty. Whenever you find temples in various places, do not forget to take a look at the architecture, and the history. They have a lot to tell you about life, arts, eternity and what not. When you visit temples in Saurashtra, you can find them to be magnificent and convey about the artists and religion in an impeccable manner that never leaves your mind forever.

Saurashtra Darshan Tour – The Travel and the things associated:

When you start from London for your Saurashtra Darshan tour, you would be starting from Heathrow airport and reach the Ahmedabad international airport. Bhavnagar is the place you would reach next for Saurashtra Darshan. This is where your first day overnight stay is planned. From Bhavnagar, you would reach Palitana trough roads. This is place laden with religious shrines. You can find temples of Jain pilgrimages. The Saurashtra Darshan tour packages do not include the pilgrimages alone. It is worth visiting other tourist attractions of the state of Gujarat and after all you are not going to drop in every now and then from London to India, and specifically Gujarat. The coastal Union territory of Diu is a major tourist attraction here and you can enjoy sightseeing here. After the sightseeing here, you can also enjoy visiting the Asian Lion wildlife sanctuary. From here you would be moving to Junagadh, where you would be getting closer to Mataji Darshan. You can move to Dwaraka from here, and en route visit the Somnath temple, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva.

Saurashtra Darshan Tours

Significance of Dwarka

Dwaraka has its significance as the place ruled by Lord Krishna, and you can move to Bet from here through the boats. Also, Jagat Mandir is close to Dwaraka. You would be moving to Jamnagar, from where you would proceed to Rajkot. From Rajkot take flights back to Heathrow, London.

Basic Information about Saurashtra Darshan Tours:

Saurashtra Darshan tour India is unlike other pilgrimages because it involves a major part of sightseeing along with the temple visits. From wild life to the coastal regions, this is a feast for eyes, and mind.

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