Convert The CSV Data to Associative Array


Most of the time we have some csv data of any no of column and we want to convert that in an associative array, so that can be utilize anywhere we need. This function will help you for the same. function csvToAssocArray($csvFile) { $row = 0; $resultSet = array(); if (($handle = fopen($csvFile, "r")) !== FALSE) { $dataCtr = 0; $dataLabel More...

by Jai Mishra | Published 7 years ago
School of Management & Technology in Delhi
By Payal Taneza On Thursday, March 20th, 2014

School of Management & Technology in Delhi

In the past engineers were mainly associated with the technical aspects of work. They would design, build, improve and service the product, but their responsibilities would end at that point. They would not be asked More...