A Game Changer In Air Disinfection Industry

Air Disinfection Industry-UV Heal

The thought of molds or bacteria multiplying in the HVAC systems creates fear in our minds. Confined spaces, such as offices, malls, restaurants, and cinema halls circulate the AC air containing pathogens which might result in people getting sick. Pollutants and airborne viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms cause respiratory diseases and allergies. More...

by Sandeep Pandey | Published 12 months ago
uPVC windows
By Sandeep Pandey On Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

Power Of uPVC Windows

Windows are best friends for any house. In recent years there has been a major transition from normal windows to uPVC windows. Today Ludhiana in the state of Punjab is the most popular for these windows making people More...

AC Repairing Services
By Sandeep Pandey On Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Best Refrigerator Repair and Services In Noida

The Repair Services The electrical and electronic goods like air conditioners, refrigerator, micro oven, hair dryers, etc. are needed by almost all the households in the Delhi NCR region of India. The householders More...