The Fascinating Thailand Holidays: A Retreat for Nature Lovers

Thailand Holidays

Thailand is presently the most important tourist place of South East Asia, possessing vast un-spoilt and mystic lands, which offer terrific scenic beauty and amazing natural aura of fun, leisure and adventure. The country is known for its enticing and warm hospitality for the travelers. Local people are very friendly, simple and easy to be mingled. Different Asian ethnic groups live in this country, having diverse cultural colors, different religious faiths and unique lifestyles. In short, Thailand is nicely poised as a heaven for tourism, offering exotic charms, inimitable fun and amusements to the tourists. The natural diversity of this country is the biggest attraction for the tourists worldwide.

Climate condition of this country is friendly for the international tourists in general. However, the country receives a lot of rain throughout the year and during rainy season. It becomes tough for the tourists to explore this country due to bad weather conditions. Hence, tourists are suggested to avoid rainy season, which is the period between the months of July to November. Winter creeps in gradually, when rain gets faded. From the month of January, weather becomes friendly and the sky becomes blue once again. January to march – this is the best time to visit Thailand, as weather stays very comfortable or cozy during this time frame.

Thailand HolidaysThailand is famous for its beaches and two of the major beaches of Thailand are Ko Lanta and Koh Samui. These are small islands basically, offering sere aura, far from noises of the streets. The islands offer fresh greenies, amazing views of the nature and a lot of amusements activities for the tourists. Beaches are nicely poised for sunbathing, beach sports, beach adventure activities, etc. Another famous and one of the most frequently visited places of Thailand is Phuket. Of course, the beaches of Phuket are beautiful but it gets a little bit crowdie during the season time. Small amusement parks are there for children in Phuket, which makes it a perfect spot for family Thailand holidays.

Thailand holiday packages should also include the prime location of the country, the capital city of Thailand, Bankok. From Bankok, you can access to the beaches of Pattaya, which are known for being the most exotic beaches of Asia. Bankok is the cultural as well as economic capital of Thailand and thus no wonder the city is wrapped with intense modernity, offering great accommodations, excellent sightseeing places, stunning shopping malls and wonderful restaurants. Thai dishes are famous throughout the world for their exquisiteness. If you are a non-vegetarian, then cuisines of Thailand can give the real retreat to your taste buds. Fish curry, rice preparations, coups and chickens are mostly famous foodstuffs of Thailand. From Phuket, your Thailand holiday should include a short trip to Phang Nga Bay, which is considered as a beautiful place. The pristine beauty of this place would certainly be the point of ecstasy for the tourists. You can enjoy cruising on the Phang Nga Bay. Some popular cruise services are there, offering yachts or houseboats, furnished with quality accommodation.