Published On: Mon, Dec 29th, 2014

Herve Leger Bandage Dresses – An Overview

When you are going to purchase a perfect outfit for any occasion, you think of bandage dress and then the high price will come into your mind. Nowadays, these dress become a fashion statement and a popular trend among the women and their price is not so expensive as the people think. There is a huge collection of cheap Herve Leger bandage dresses available in the market. They are the perfect outfit for a night out. These dresses were introduced by famous designer Herve Peugnet in 1985. Herve Leger is also known as the King of Strips.These beautiful dresses are designed from elastic bandages stitched together and are very cool. In1989, the latest collection of Herve Leger dresses presented to the fashion world. These dresses are made with high quality fabric mixed with Lurex, Lycra, Elastene, stretch fabric that band around your body for a tight fit. Apart from bandage dresses, Herve Leger also designs dresses made with knitted cotton, viscose bands and bright colored t-shirts, suits made with shiny fabric. Herve Leger was inspired by the designer Claude Montana, he sells approx 2000 dresses in each season.

Herve Leger Dresses

The Herve Leger’s collection of spring season includes extraordinary, beautiful and elegant dresses which not only enhance the beauty of a woman, but also make her proud to have these dresses as a part of her wardrobe. Although these dresses are tight fitted, the silhouette is still girlish and modern. They make you look thinner and if you have beautiful curves it will enhance them with the close fit. There are a plenty of Celebes’s that wear bandage dresses such as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Rihanna and many more celebrities have worn a bandage dress, But before wear a bandage dress, make sure that you are wearing it at an appropriate function, because there are some occasions where these dresses look bad. The cost of these dresses depends on the type of dress you want. If you want to purchase the same dress as the celebrities, the price will probably high. However, if you make your purchase from an online store, you will get discounts and the price of an online store much cheaper than the other off line store.

When it comes to footwear that goes well with the bandage dress. Although there are a lot of foot wears that look beautiful with these dresses, but high heels make them much beautiful because they show the upper body in a beautiful way. However, these dresses look hot with open toed shoes because they are very sexy. You can also wear Herve Bandage Leger dress with wedge as they are very comfortable. If you want to look elegant on a special occasion, just wear the multicolor accessory with a bandage dress. Also make sure that it looks different but goes well with the color of the dress. The most important thing to remember that you wear a set of big earring with this dress to get an eye catching look.

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