Is Online Tuition an Ideal Choice for Class Three Students of IGCSE Board?

is online tuition an ideal choice for class 3 students

Parents often ask if online tuition is a good choice for students in grade 3. They often believe that IGCSE syllabus is tough and that online tuition would be the best option for them. Not just this, there are so many other queries that they need answers to. Here are answers to some of their queries. Yes, you read it right, online tuition is a good choice for students of all classes and all school boards. Now let us understand the why and how of this.

How can online tuition be a good choice and help in the overall learning and development of your child?

  1. Strengthens your child’s relationship with technology
    Over the years, the technology space has paced faster than any other sector. New technologies are also overtaking the traditional methods of education. Your child must be comfortable with studying online from an early age itself. This adoption of technology will help him/her in the long run.
  2. Technology is the limit (pun intended)
    Every student begins their academic life with books but technology broadens their horizon. A tutor can show a different world while teaching online. With online classes, tutors on platforms like GuruQ leverage the benefits of teaching with advanced features like screen share and whiteboard. The tutor can explain concepts in more innovative manner using online tools and techniques.
  3. Learn to focus with distractions around
    Parents often guide students to do away with technology and stay away from distractions when studying. But let’s face it that in practical life there is no way to switch off gadgets and work. Let your child be a part of the world of technology and learn to focus irrespective of the numerous distractions around him/her. 

Your challenge might start now. Where do you find a good online tutor?

You can easily do that in 3 simple steps: search, compare & book. Visit GuruQ, India’s best tutoring platform. Search across the pool of 35,000+ verified tutors. Compare the top ones and book the class with the best one. Now finding a tutor is way easier with GuruQ. So, why wait? Visit the website or download the app now. All the best!

People still wonder whether choosing an online tutor for a student of class 3, IGCSE Board, is an ideal choice? The answer to this is a big yes. A child should be comfortable using technology and learn how to focus when studying. Platforms like GuruQ ensure a smooth studying journey for students.