What to Ask When Choosing an Online Tutor for Class 7 CBSE Board?

Every parent wants the best for their child, be it choosing the right school or the right tutor. We frequently receive questions from parents about what to ask a tutor when shortlisting one for their child. Here is a list of things that every parent should enquire from a tutor before making the decision of hiring a tutor

  1. Years of Experience: The first thing to check about the tutor is the years of experience he/she has in tutoring and the subject in particular or the number of students he/she has taught for that particular class and board, for example: Class 7 CBSE Board. More experience does not always imply a better tutor. It can be less number of years but experience with a lot more students. On a platform like GuruQ, all such details about the tutor are highlighted on the dashboard for you to evaluate and compare.
  2. Compatibility with Technology: In today’s world, technology plays an important role in every industry and is equally prominent in the education and tuition domain. When evaluating an online tutor in particular, enquire about his/her level of comfort with technology and its usage. Operational things like discomfort with online tools might compromise the tutoring session.
  3. Mode of Teaching: It is important for you as a parent to find out about the mode of teaching. You need to know if the tutor is comfortable in taking online classes or home tuitions or a mix of both as per the requirement of your child. This will help you to help your child manage his/her study schedule better.
  4. Responsiveness: As a parent, you might have questions and concerns regarding your child. Understand how often the tutor will connect with you and how quickly they shall respond to your messages. On platforms like GuruQ, tutors share regular reports with the parents and keep them updated about the child’s progress.
  5. Budget: Tuition classes are not for short-term or only last a few days. It is a long-term investment for your child, and the right budgeting is important. You can filter the best tutors in your budget on platforms like GuruQ, evaluate all other factors, and then shortlist the right fit for your child.
  6. Teaching Philosophy: Probe and ask questions to evaluate the tutor’s approach to taking classes. Ask him/her questions like how he/she evaluates a child’s needs, their strengths and weaknesses, how does he/she works on the weaknesses of a child, etc.
  7. Trial Class: Always ask for a demo class with the tutor. Let your child study from that tutor and share his/her experience with you. Your child’s comfort holds utmost importance. 

Apart from gaining clarity on the above, a background check of any tutor is crucial. However, simply probing and questioning him/her about it may not yield all the answers. GuruQ, India’s best tutoring platform ensures to do the needful before boarding tutors on the platform. It follows a five-step tutor verification process. Background verification is done and a proficiency test to assess a tutor’s knowledge is conducted. Further, it ensures that tutors share regular performance reports with parents, keep flexibility of timings for students, personalise each class, teach as per a child’s learning capability and requirements, etc. GuruQ tries to make tutor search process easier for parents. So don’t wait; instead, log on to GuruQ or download the app and begin with your tutor search now. All the best!

It is important to ask the right questions to tutors while evaluating one for your child. Here is the list of questions:

Years of Experience or Number of Students Taught in the Same Class and Board | His/Her Technology Compatibility | Mode of Teaching | The Responsiveness Time | Budget | Teaching Philosophy | A Trial Class

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