Dancing at home during the pandemic

online dance classes

Who knew, about a year prior that we would all be specialists on all social media platforms, welcoming online teaching and learning into our homes. We didn’t have the slightest idea of what in the world planned to occur and how we planned to explore the unknown. We got a hold of ourselves and drove home to the awful news that India, alongside the majority of the world, was going into serious lockdown. Over the following weeks, all the dance educators and learners united in finding out about online dance learning and teaching, how to keep on conducting kathak dance classes and stay in contact with students and their families.  And we made a plunge.

We became moderators, arranging and planning online dance lessons down to the last second so the learners wouldn’t feel that the courses were slacking, and it somehow eventually became normal. Fortunately, the advanced technology was accessible to us, and we still have admittance to dance classes online even after these months later. During the lockdown, every person felt the association with their body through dance, even though it was online and not at the studio. Don’t you agree? The dancer in us buckled down on adaptability, put on Pointe shoes, and kept on going with various methods of dancing. We at Ucanji arranged inventive and fascinating ways to show and teach our learners the fundamentals of dance through online dance lessons.

Having the privilege to associate with the dancers through online media was superb. The clarifying of steps and the excitement about the music, assisting with the extension of a dance move to a learner or empowering the creativity of an artist. What a delight to be able to teach and spread dance online! This lockdown has been hard, everybody has battled. Showing up to conduct online dance classes and our learners looking out for us were a focusing beam of light for team Ucanji on some dim days. The learners have been committed, steadfast and amusing to instruct and the grown-ups were a delight as usual. Hope is blooming in each one of us, and we hope the pandemic ends super soon. Online dance classes have been a major help for all of our survival. Three cheers to all of us! Keep dancing and keep spreading joy.