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Astounding Australia Holidays

Astounding Australia Holidays: Top Cultural and Religious Festivals of Australia

Australia is a known place to the world as the country is considered as one of the global super power houses. It is gaining thick and fast recognition as a tourist destination these days due to several reasons. The prime reason is its natural diversity and excellent tourist amusements. As Australia is quite a large country, it has several places to offer exquisite tourism opportunities. Not only the economy of this country is budding, but a lot of other sectors are also developing fast. Sports and athletics are the sectors, where Australia has done well consistently over the last few years. On the other hand, the country has diversified cultural colors in offering. Religious, cultural and a lot of other events are held in Australia, which are worth to be experienced. This article will guide you to some of the most popular and colorful events in Australia, offering jovial charm and setting an aura of fun as well as excitement.

Canberra is the capital city of Australia, which is known for its exclusive urban charm and historic glory. Some of the other major cities of Australia are Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, etc. Each city has its own distinctive urban charm. Festivals of Australia are celebrated in different cities in different styles. Let us take a note on the most popular festivals of this country so that tourists can enjoy these amazing festivals during their Australia holidays.

Cultural Festivals

Australia Holidays

Several cultural festivals are there in Australia, which are celebrated with jovial spirits by the countrymen. Sydney hosts one of the prime cultural festivals, known as the International Film Festival of Sydney. This is definitely a festival that lures film buffs from different parts of this world. International as well as Australian films are shown during the festival and it lasts for 10 to 12 days in general. Sydney also hosts the popular balloon festival, which offers unique experience for the tourists. It is one of the biggest balloon festivals of world, where plenty of participants as well as spectators come from different parts of this globe. The colorful balloons go high in the sky and provide an amazing sight to the spectators.

Sporting Events

Both cricket and football are played by Australians and both of these games are famous within this country. Australia houses a lot of historic cricket grounds, where many battles have been fought by the rival cricket playing nations. The most popular cricket tournament in Australia is the Ashes, which is played every year either in Australia or in England. Apart from this, Boxing Day cricket tournaments also bring in a lot of excitements amongst the cricket lovers. In football, Australia has successfully reached a lot of milestones. The country has its own football league and craze is always high amongst the football lovers of this country, regarding their own football league.

Religious Festivals during Holidays in Australia

Australian population has been dominated mostly by the followers of Christianity. This is why Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc, are some of the popular religious festivals of this country. Hence, make sure choosing Australia holiday packages during the festive times in Australia in order to multiply the fun or amusements of your Australia holiday.

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