Magnificent Mauritius Holidays: Enjoy Beaches, Urban Lifestyle

Mauritius Holidays

Magnificent Mauritius Holidays: Enjoy Beaches, Urban Lifestyle, Adventure, Fun and Many More – Mauritius is a small island, located on the Great Indian Ocean. The place is famous for being an exquisite tourist spot, where a lot of tourists come for spending a memorable vacation. Whether you are planning for a family trip or a bachelor trip, Mauritius offers all sorts of amusements to cope with the tourists, having different sorts of traveling interests. You can enjoy amazing shopping experiences, exotic beach activities, mouth littering foods and drinks in this small place, which is generally considered a safe haven for the travelers. Though it is a small island, but it has plenty of places to be visited and plenty of things to be explored.

History of Mauritius

This small island was discovered by the Arabian traders back in 9th century and after that the place started getting recognition. Though, Arabians were not interested in staying in this island, observing no business profits from the vast green lands of this country. Later, Portuguese sailors also came to this place and they also did not find any interests in this island. Mauritius was first colonized by the Dutch sailors, who worked for this island to make it a productive place. Major developments of the country were carried out during the regime of Dutch rulers.

Climate of MauritiusMauritius Holidays

The climate condition of Mauritius can be described as tropical in nature, which is moderate and thus, suitable for tourism throughout the year. Though, winter is mostly soothing for the travelers, especially for those who are coming from Europe or USA. Beaches are the main attractions of this island and they are generally breezy and comfortable for several beach activities.

Port Louis – The Capital City of Mauritius

Port Louis is considered as the capital city of Mauritius, a splendid historic destination that is worth to be visited during Mauritius holidays. The city is draped under the cover of seamless modernization, though the historic charms of this city have been maintained with precision. Aapravasi Ghat is the most important landmark of this city, which is a world heritage site. The place signifies the end of slavery under the colonial rulers. Most of the slaves were bought from India and other Asian sub-continents.

Port Louis has a small China Town, where Chinese ethnic people live, endorsing the rich cultural colors. China Town of Port Louis is popular for many enticing tourist offerings. There are some good restaurants – serving tasty foods and some great shopping places, where tourists can buy a lot of stuffs within a comprehensive price. St. Louis cathedral is yet another tourist attraction of this city, offering the vintage charm and religious essences. For film buffs or movie freaks, Port Louis theatre is an ideal place to visit in Mauritius holiday.

The Blue Bay Beach

Blue Bay Beach is considered as one of the finest beaches of the world, endorsing exceptional natural landscapes and wild beach activities. The beach is ideal for sunbathing, snorkeling, underwater dipping, etc. This small beach town also houses a lot of restaurants, where delicious sea foods are served. Different sorts of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks are there in offering to lure the tourists on their holidays in Mauritius.