Sri Lanka Holidays: Unleash Fascinating Facts On The Land Of Mysteries

Sri Lanka Holidays

The tiny tear drop shaped island, located just beneath India, surrounded by the Great Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is gradually moving as a tourist heaven of the world. This small country possesses a lot of natural diversities. From ecstatic sea beaches to astounding urban cities – from vast un-spoilt wild nature to slow paced hill stations – Sri Lanka possesses everything to suit with the demands of different kinds of travel enthusiasts. Sri Lanka is truly a land of mysteries, where a major portion of the country is covered with lush green and dense forests. Being situated in the tropical region, weather of this country is soothing and modest enough for promoting the tourism sector.

Sri Lanka holidays should be started from its main city, the capital of Sri Lanka, namely Colombo. The demography of this city is influenced by the presence of Tamils and Sinhala. These are the two major ethnic groups of Sri Lanka. Colombo is a historic city, wrapped with the antiquity of pre-historic ages. Old fort of Colombo is a key landmark of this city. Initially, Colombo was under the regime of the Portuguese colonials, who actually founded this city in the year of 1517. Later, the city came under the capture of Dutch colonials, who worked for the beautification of this city and made this city quite robust in terms of its roads and transport networks. Explore the historic places around Colombo and enjoy the unique urban culture of Sri Lanka. Colombo houses great restaurants, quality accommodations and excellent tourist friendly ambience. The city is a safe haven for the tourists.

Sri Lanka HolidaysIn your Sri Lanka holiday, the next destination would be the city of Kandy. The name itself is interesting as well as quite luring. Though, Kandy is known for ancient art and cultural landmark of Sri Lanka. The Buddhist temple is the prime attraction of this city, which was built more than 300 years ago, offering the glimpses of glorious history of the country. The temple has been decorated with embossed arts over the sandstone structure. During the royal family regime in Sri Lanka, Kandy was the capital city of the country. It hosts the royal palace, which is ruined today, but worth to be visited for its historic as well as architectural values. Some of the other major tourist landmarks of the city of Kandy are the Kandy Lake, botanical garden and the city museum.

Sri Lanka holiday packages should also include Dambulla, which is yet another major place of this country, known as the cultural capital of Sri Lanka. It hosts a caved temple of Lord Buddha, which is sacred place and at the same time, a fabulous tourist spot. Some other caved temples are there, one of which is dedicated to the Hindu God Lord Vishnu. Galle is another tourist destination of Sri Lanka, located on the south coast of the country. The most important landmark of Galle is the Galle Fort. This ancient fort says a lot about the history of Sri Lanka and unleashes the glorious past of this country.