Kolkata Hotels: Categories And Best Choices

Kolkata Hotels

Available in various categories and types, Kolkata Hotels are great expression of finesse and cultural buoyancy. Kolkata is the renowned ‘Cultural Capital of India’ which cherishes its deep rooted bond with its traditional values, music, art and culture. The nation where several world-renowned artists and revolutionaries such as Rabindranath Tagore and Subhash Chandra Bose were born, Kolkata enchants all culture and art lovers across the world. To accommodate wide range of both business and leisure travelers, the city owns wide range of hotels. These hotels in Kolkata can be easily affordable for they are available in varied categories ranging from premium class five star hotels to homestays, three star and budget properties.

Irrespective of their class and category, Kolkata hotels are known for delivering quality services in the most overwhelming fashion. The luxury category properties are the most trusted properties in the town. These hotels have a good reputation in the industry for they have mastered the art of serving the guests with flawless services and state-of-the-art amenities. At these luxury class hotels in the town guest are pampered with several recreational facilities which include Spas, Gymnasium, Health Care Center and more. Those who wish to mix work with recreation are provided several business facilities ranging from access to Business Center to secretarial services and Internet access. Some of the renowned five star hotels in Kolkata are Fortune Park Panchawati, The Hotel Hindustan International, Hotel the Park and more.

Kolkata HotelsFour star hotels in Kolkata avail five star luxuries at much more affordable prices. These hotels are spread across the city in close proximity to major industrial, commercial and entertainment hubs. The properties are decked elegantly with modern design and upbeat technology. Most of them offer a wide range of dining experiences to choose from and the in-room amenities too are of modern standards. The rooms might be smaller in size when compared with those of extravagant 5 star properties, but they are well-equipped with all modern day comforts. Some of the best choices from this category of hotels are The Peerless Inn, Fortune Select Loudon, Chrome, Indi Smart Hotel and more.

Three star category constitute of the most affordable hotels in the city. These are strategically placed close to railway station, bust stand or some commercial sectors to avail easy connectivity to its guests which includes a major amount of single travelers out on business pursuits. Irrespective of smaller size of guestrooms and lesser recreational amenities, these hotels manage to impress their guests with sheer dedication and flawless efficiency. Best of the lot includes Hotel Astor, Bawa Walson, Lytton Hotel, Hotel Victerrace and more.

Amongst these different kinds and categories of Kolkata hotels travelers can easily find the ones that suit their style, nature, requirement and budget. Travelers visiting the city for the first time are always advised to taste the local cuisine which is very flavorsome with abundance of spices, rice and different kinds of fishes.