Top Style Trends For This Monsoon

Monsoon Fashion Trends 2014

Being a trendy person has usually been a difficult task. As the trend keeps on changing each day women find it more exciting as well as challenging while changing their wardrobe that has been something like an adventure to them. Women in monsoon usually find shopping more electrifying that they like the colors that usually shine out in monsoon. Having eye catchy fashionable clothes along with the best accessories that you can style them up with and last but not the least those monsoon repellent shoes makes it more like a comfortable yet stylish collection all at once with you this rainy season. Try the top style statements that you could follow this season.

  • Clothe – Make it short and sweet: Usually shorts and skirts perhaps have been one of the most versatile outfits for this season that you can also wear anytime any season. While if you are thinking of resisting yourself from the splashes of the mud and water, you can go for the formal look which would be styled up with the solid hue and the materials such as gabardine, denim or crepe silk. If you are getting ready for any sort of occasion you can wear the vibrant printed skirts and shorts that are in fabrics that are usually drying faster.
  • Footwear – Make It Colorful Yet Sporty: Women usually like shopping for the perfect footwear that they can wear comfortably in the monsoon season. Usually women prefer flip-flops and rubber willies which are water friendly and are made up of plastic material. Flip-flops usually add a casual look to your attire along with a sporty feeling. To avoid slippery pavements its is more important for you to pick gladiators or low heels along with an ankle strap detailing to ensure that your foot must get the required grip and to look out for the messy puddles.

Additional Tips For Styling Up in MonsoonMonsoon Fashion Trends 2014

  • Making it simple for the ladies umbrella has always been a part of every woman’s wardrobe. But trying to layer up with whatever the weather could be, you can now chose to wear staples, which is trendy that cover-ups and makes it more like that of an unique statements of jackets.
  • Getting transitioned into the hip of the monsoon you can go for the crop tops by paring them with the silhouettes such as culottes, shorts or skirts. You can add up by going for the single colored crop tops with skirts or the crop pants along with the same color would do just fine for you. You can also go with the bright matching prints and add blazer to it as to form a plea.
  • While you are styling up then use water resistant bags that could make your outlook more append able along with the colorful accessories to it.

There is a great affair which is bitter and sweet between the monsoon and fashion. According to the confusion it creates for the women when it comes to dressing makes them more panic and dread at the very same time. Making it easier for the ladies the trends this monsoon would be more exciting for you to gather your own personal style.