Switzerland Holidays: A trip to the ‘Heaven of Earth’

Switzerland Holidays

Switzerland is the most sought after destination of this world, having wide recognition for being an exquisite tourist spot. Though, it is a small country, it has arrays of tourist amusements in offering. The country is known for its picturesque scenic beauty of the snow capped mountain ranges, lush green and colorful valleys and romantic aura. Switzerland is suitable for honeymoon traveling, bachelor trip, adventure trip and for family holidays. It is such a place, which can contain kids to adults – everyone, with its exquisite charisma. Observing the natural beauty of this place, many people call it a small part of heaven on earth, gifted by almighty.

Tourist Attractions of Switzerland

Switzerland is filled with breathtaking nature, which can be found in virgin or un-spoilt form. Tourism is the major industry of this country and hence, government is careful to promote this sector with precision. A lot of initiatives have been taken to make the place a safe haven for the guests. The country offers seamless accommodations, where high level coziness and all modern facilities are guaranteed to the guests. Local people are also friendly with the travelers and from their part, they help travelers or guests at per their potential. Now, we shall keep our eyes on the most important tourist attractions of Switzerland. Do not forget to include these in your Switzerland holiday.

The Jungfrau Region of Switzerland

The Jungfrau Region is famous for its breathtaking picturesque natural landscapes. The place is covered with lush greeneries, with the fragrances of flowers. Above greeneries, you will find the enchanting snow capped mountains. The overall beauty of this place can be described as pristine, divine and of course heavenly. The place is ideal for leisure and enjoying the nature. You can also enjoy short and gentle walks through the mountain trails during your Switzerland holidays.

Switzerland Holidays

Chateau de Chillon, Montreux

Montreux is a small town, nestled on the shore of Lake Geneva. It is yet another place, where the beauty of nature can be found in complete virgin form and at its best form. Beside the lake, you will find a small castle, namely Chillon Castle, which was constructed during eleventh century.

Fasnacht Spring Carnival, Basel

Switzerland holiday package must include the spring carnival of the country, which is celebrated in Basel. It is a world famous festival that lasts for 3 days with its colorful, jovial and enthusiastic charms. Participants come out in the street with colorful costumes and different kinds of masks. Guests can also participate in this festival and can feel the never ending enthusiasm of the carnival. During the festival, nightclubs, bars and pubs remain opened till late night, where travelers may find the ecstatic charisma of the nightlife of Switzerland.

Switzerland National Park

Swiss National Park is one of the biggest tourist attractions. This 169 square KM national park is filled with small mountains and vast woodlands. Various kinds of animal and plant species can be observed here, and among them marmots, red deer, chamois, etc. are mostly famous.