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Mesmerizing Tourism Opportunities in Maldives Holidays

Mesmerizing Tourism Opportunities in Maldives Holidays – Check out the most Famous Spots of the Country

Maldives is one of the best tourist destinations of world, having plenty of fun or amusements in offering for the tourists. In terms of its splendid natural beauty it is often compared as a piece of heaven, showcasing un-spoilt natural beauty and some major historic landmarks. It is considered as one of the most suitable destinations of world for honeymoon tourism. Honeymooners will get the romantic, clam, enchanting and peaceful ambience in this country, which they would cherish throughout their life. Sunny beaches are the main attractions of this country, which attracts millions of travelers from different parts of the earth. However, apart from the beaches, it also has some places that one should not miss out in a trip to Maldives.

The Grand Friday Mosque

It is one of the biggest mosques of Maldives, offering charming architectural values, along with sacred religious charms. The mosque was constructed by Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar in the year of 1656. Since then, it has been maintained with precision so that it can stay pristine as well as neat and clean from all aspects. The unique architecture of Sultanate period has been exhibited by this terrific structure. Being a sacred place, it is often visited by travelers to fulfill their quest for spirituality as well divinity. Overall, it is a must visit place during Maldives holiday.

Maldives National Museum

Maldives Holidays

The most famous and the largest museum of Maldives, offering wide range of vintage collections that recall the historic glory of the country. The museum remains open generally on every day, except Sunday. Hence, to visit this landmark, keep this in mind during your holidays in Maldives. If you have interests in historic art and culture of Maldives, then nothing but this museum is the best place for exploring the unfolded facts on the country of Maldives.

Esjehi Art gallery

The famous art gallery of Maldives, possessing recognition throughout the world for being an excellent place for exhibiting modern as well as ancient arts Maldives. Visiting Esjehi Art gallery during your Maldives holidays would be the most fascinating experience for you. The art gallery has huge collections of painting and other forms of visual arts, which have been produced by some of the eminent artists of the world.

Male Fish Market

You would be amazed to find a fish market in the top places to visit In Maldives list. Well, do not be surprised, as this is one of the biggest fish markets of the world that you would ever see. Moreover, the bustling market can introduce you to some of the rare fish species of the world. The places around the market are ideal for shopping also. You can buy a lot of stuffs, starting from handbags, jewelries, foodstuffs and many more. Local restaurants also serve amazing sea foods, which are worth to be tasted.

The Tomb of Mohammed Thakurufaanu

Mohammed Thakurufaanu is a major political figure of Maldives, known as a rebel, who fought against the Portuguese colonials. It’s his efforts due to which the country received its freedom from the barbwires of Portuguese colonial rules. This beautiful and historic tomb is a must include spot in your Maldives holiday packages.

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