Why Long Distance Relationships Dont Workout

Problems with Distance Relationships

Problems with Distance RelationshipsProblems with Distance Relationships: Maintaining a healthier long-distance relationship can be quite a challenge. It takes two mature people who have the ability to communicate, to be able to ensure that it will work. It’s estimated that each eighth couple lives away from one another and sees only every second or third weekend. Some individuals enjoy the freedom that they can use the temporary distance to the next reunion, the others suffer greatly from the constant separations. Would they work, are they worthwhile, how do you instill trust, where is the sense of commitment. These are all questions any particular person asks when they come into a long-distance relationship and following some reasons that may cause breakups in a long distance relationship.

Communication Breakdown

If you are far from each other for extended periods of time, and you can’t have physical contact, you will need to rely solely in your communication skills to carry on to continue to build your relationship.

Lack of Trust

Plenty of relationships end due to trust issues. Being in this sort of relationship requires a great amount of trust, typically folks who are insecure see a risk everywhere, even where there isn’t one.

Different Expectations

If a couple doesn’t share the same expectations before the separation occurs, it may spell doom for a long-distance relationship. Honesty is the foundation stone of any relationship. Similarly, fidelity is also something that each person expects from their partner. Therefore, honesty and fidelity are vital for just about any relationship to sustain itself, regardless of distance concerned.

Take the connection lightly

The absence of your partner doesn’t give you the license to dictate and manipulate the relationship. You need to understand that, your partner has their own right to take part in any decision making toward the wellness of your relationship regardless where there are.

Not meeting one another

There’s nothing more important than planning to meet up one another again at an interval of time throughout the period of your long-distance relationship. This will help both you and your partner to catch up with each other over things that you cannot do while apart.