Learn Story: Telling Ways to Entertain & Enjoy with Your Young Ones

Learn Story

Learn Story: Telling Ways to Entertain & Enjoy with Your Young Ones

The Story Telling

Learn StoryStory telling is an age old art of entertaining the children and also people of all ages. Since story telling is an art, there are certain rules which are applicable to storytelling. The aim of all the story tellers is to entertain the listeners. Thus, they have to narrate the story in the most interesting way. The listener should remain abreast with the entire story while listening to it. People of all aged must be equally attracted to the story as well as the story teller while listening to him or her. Both males and females can be equally good story tellers. Story narration can be done directly from the story book or from the memory recollection of the storyteller.

Story Telling For Kids

It is a sage old process of putting the children to sound sleep by telling different stories to them. The mothers tell stories to their kids and put them to deep sleep. Kids love listening to comedy, fairy tales and even adventurous stories. The parents should make body gestures in order to make the story telling more interesting as well as attractive to the kids. They must smile and laugh at the kids while narrating the stories. Thus, the kids are entertained lot by listening to the stories from their parents at night or day.

The Advantages of Story Telling

Story telling also has a lot of advantages in the minds of the story tellers too. The brains become more active while narrating the stories. His brain also practices lot of brain work or exercise by story narration. Thus, there is a lot of mind refreshment of the narrator by storytelling. If his story is appreciated by the listeners, then he feels more happy and overjoyed. Thus, the heart conditions of the narrator improve a lot. Therefore, storytelling has a lot of positive effects on the listeners as well as the narrators.

The Story Types

There are two main ways of storytelling, the narrator can tell their story from a book or he can make a story from his own. In both the cases, he must present the story in the most attractive way for the listeners of different ages.