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Submit Articles

The question lurks, why should you submit your articles at EWTArticles.Com? When you write articles, you want someone to read them. It’s a given that without a viewer, your articles are just as empty as the ocean without a drop of water.

Submit ArticlesHere is where we come into the picture. You write articles, submit it to us and we in turn get you the desired viewers. Your articles would be viewed by people across the globe, appreciated, and in fact taken for inspiration as well. People visit us to get some articles that could be useful to them.

Still questioning the whole system, as to how it can really work wonders for you or your friend who wants to earn a name in the writing field? Let’s introduce you to the benefits you would gain by submitting your articles. Probably, that would clear your mind.

The Benefits of Submitting Articles to EWTArticles.Com

Market Your Articles

Ever realized the power of RSS? It’s a simple technological solution to gaining more viewers. You submit your articles to us and our viewers will showcase your articles elsewhere. When you publish an article to our directory, that article then gets on to millions of websites using RSS. The article becomes viral and you have marketed yourself fine

Promote Yourself

When you publish your article to the EWT Articles directory, you are promoting your brand and website. This will get millions to visit your website for more such stuff. A backlink to your main article which has more content or a website with similar content will help promote your own brand

Increase Traffic

Any article that gets published to our directory is circulated by readers across their own directories. So, what started out as just one article has created a mass reach! These people would have listed your article on their business directories and so on. These people would want to know more about you and will plan a visit to your site definitely.

Boost Credibility

The article submitted improves your credibility. It will improve the trust cycle between you and your reader. It helps you get started. It makes you visible and credible as an author

Generate Inquiries and Boost Sales

With your articles reaching people, those interested in hiring you for their work would come forward with their inquiries. Your article reaches millions, so you can make it one that markets your business or talks of your business. You can even create an article with your contact information.

Reach More

With your written articles, you can reach people you have never reached before. But, you need to submit quality articles to us using which we can help you reach an entire community across the globe. Content is the king here so don’t forget about delivering quality

So, what are you waiting for? Read our terms and conditions and open your free author account. Start by submitting your articles now covering your favorite domains.

Don’t expect payment for the articles. We don’t pay or ask for money for the articles published. EWTArticles run a free website that is supported by the ads.

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