Published On: Sat, Jun 12th, 2021

Want to Learn Dance Choreography by yourself? Here’s how online dance classes can help.

Considering the hectic lifestyle people follow these days, it can be difficult to join an in-studio dance class. But those who have a passion for dance, always find a way and time for it.  Online dance classes are one such alternative that has come as a blessing especially in these times of a global pandemic. How many of you know someone who watches dance videos on loop and is spellbound by them? If one succeeds to find the best online dance class, it can interestingly draw out the most profound feeling within them. So let’s discuss a few quick tips that can help you learn a dance choreography by yourself and how online dance classes can help.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, these tips can help you in the process of dance practice, when learning by yourself. Firstly, it is important to choose and decide which song you want to learn the choreography on. With a variety of dance styles and songs available in the dance classes online, it can be fun to have so many options to chose from.

The next step is to warm up and stretch. Why is it important? Like any game, warming up is vital to limit wounds and keep up the wellbeing of your body. Make a point to give yourself 5-10 minutes to warm up and stretch. It very well might be a smart thought to take a look at the choreography being taught in the online dance tutorial beforehand to ensure you are warming up every one of the joints and muscles that are stressed in the movement.

It is then important to learn and understand the overall choreography and memorize it. You don’t need to get each detail or need to know the specific steps, just the overall movements to coordinate with the beat. It is alright if initially, you can’t do a particular dance move. Simply try to do the moves similarly and enjoy the song while you groove. Just retaining the overall choreography will help you to move alongside the tune and make it easy for you with recording and practice the details later. Dance classes online give you an option to slow down the dance tutorial, pause, rewind, and understand the movements in detail to match and correct your steps.

Can recording help in the process of learning an online dance choreography by yourself? Definitely. Record yourself moving and see what you need to work on. It is imperative to understand and critique yourself in both what you progressed admirably and what you need to improve upon. This is also a good opportunity to explore your dance style. You can attempt various moves to check whether you like it more and make it look more liquid between transitions.

The final and the most important tip is to practice regularly and polish the grooves. Practice over time by marking it in your mind, rehearsing little details before your mirror, or in your free time. This will assist you with recalling the online dance tutorial until the following time you practice.

Learning dance online can be an interesting task. To cherish this experience, and smoothly learn the technicalities of various dance styles, join Ucanji– the best online dance platform for people of any age, and any level. Ucanji has 4 innovative features of learning- See yourself, Mirror Screen, Learn at your own pace, and Ask an expert. All of these features will make learning through online dance tutorials easy and fun. Make sure to keep in mind these quick tips to enjoy and easily learn dance online by yourself.

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