5 Must-Have Commercial Real Estate Amenities

commercial property in Gurgaon

When it comes to getting your company signed on the dotted line, and renting out your commercial space, then it all comes to comfort and facilities. What you have to offer, which is not available in a building just two blocks away from yours? What makes you stand out? The expectations are high, and for that, you need to impress everyone. Here are 5 of the most required amenities when you pick commercial space for lease.

  1. Conference room:  A company might be able to have a conference room but what if they aren’t enough for bigger events. Thus, the availability of the meeting room with adjustable sizes is essential to make it convenient for the tenants to schedule and hold more meetings.
  2. Reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi internet access:  If your commercial property in Gurgaon does not have free Wi-Fi internet access then you are at a disadvantage. The companies expect their employees to be able to stay in touch with their tech systems, when they are out of the office and when they are looking for a tea break.
  3. Easy access to the parking and transport: Looking for a car parking space? It can be a headache, especially in larger towns and cities. If you have a solution to this problem, in an underground car parking area or a nearby parking space or a garage, this could be a good selling point. Next, the availability of the public transport system is a bonus.
  4. Security measures in place: Security is a fundamental subject for every business. Providing 24-hour security, backup power generator, and emergency drills showcase that you consider security reasons on priority and it means that tenants will feel comfortable and secure in your facility.
  5. The retail convenience: Having access to small retail needs can be a true delight for the nearby staff. The right retail space can be a bank, a central supply/e-mail and a dry cleaning service, giving the audience the flexibility to easily manage the business during the breaks and make the most of their precious time in the evening.

You may not be able to provide everything on the list, or if you already have a lot of work. Just think about what amenities are possible if you have properties in Gurgaon or in other regions of the country, as it will cause you to stick out the most. Simple things such as the expansion of the food in your building, upgrades, and social areas, for example, to send a strong signal, so that people will know that you care about their needs and level of comfort.