Finding The Best Caribbean Island Cruise Holiday Packages

Caribbean Island Cruise Holiday

Finding the Best Caribbean Island Cruise Holiday Packages


Cruising is totally enjoyable. Imagine yourself on a hot sunny day on the deck of a cruise, enjoying sip of your favorite drink along with someone special beside you. Such a dream and leisurely holiday can become reality with Caribbean cruise holiday packages. The Caribbean Islands are always known for their tourist attractions. These exotic islands offer scenic splendor, fabulous opportunities for adventure activities, rejuvenating cultural hues of local people and delicious dishes for the true foodies. However, most importantly, you have a lifetime opportunity to enjoy cruising on the ravishing blue sea of Caribbean Island. Who would want to miss out such an opportunity?

Well, if you do not want to miss out the opportunity to experience lavishness of cruise holidays, here are some of the best options for Caribbean Island cruising for you.

Island Hopping: From Puerto Rico to the US Virgin Islands

Instead of a conventional cruise package which includes one to two nights on the cruise, you can opt for minimum 7-8 days long cruising holidays. Indeed this will bring the opportunity of island hopping for the travelers. Typically, the trip starts from Puerto Rico and it ends at the US Virgin Islands. It is to be noted that not many cruise operators offer this sort of trip. Thus, you have to find a good cruising service and you need to book your trip at the earliest. The islands that would probably be covered in your itinerary are St Lucia, Barbados, Antigua, St Thomas, St Maart, etc.

Caribbean Offbeat Cruising Routes

Instead of conventional traveling places, a lot of people want to explore untamed as well as virgin nature these days. If you want to explore the offbeat cruising routes, you need to find Caribbean cruise packages accordingly. Offbeat route gives you the opportunity to explore untamed islands, where virgin nature prevails. It is thrilling to explore an island where no human beings live. Only a few limited cruise operators run such cruising tour packages. So, you need to book packages at the earliest as possible. Cruises offer luxury facilities, along with live music at the evening and sumptuous dinner.

Barbados to Antigua

If you want to experience a conventional cruising trip, nothing can be better than being a part of Barbados to Antigua cruising trip. The trip is not short though. The itinerary includes around 12-13 islands. So, a perfectly planned Caribbean Island cruising trip on this route would take around 5-7 days minimum. However, the journey will be memorable on the luxurious cruises. There will be everything that gives comfort to the travelers on the deck.

Caribbean Food Tour

Not just a cruise trip lover, you have to be a true foodie to be a part of Caribbean food sailing trip. The motto is exploring the famous Caribbean islands. Along with exploring rich culture of local people and natural splendor, you shall get the chance to savor your tongue with finger licking seafood dishes and exotic liquor. This is the type of Caribbean cruise tour which shall stay in your mind forever.