Published On: Tue, Oct 13th, 2020

Easy Relocation in Abu Dhabi

Relocation is one of the most demanding and time-consuming tasks to do. One has to recall the most basic details before starting the project. Just thinking about moving the data center puts the mind under immense pressure. Moving data center involves shifting the entire IT systems, facilities, infrastructure, and operations. Interem stands strong as one of the leading relocation companies in Abu Dhabi. With an experience of over 20 years, Interem is present across 60 countries, six continents, and serviceable in 180 countries. The brand’s reputation in providing seamless moving services prevails in the entire relocation sector.

Interem holds a high-profile clientele and expertise in handling complex relocations like— shifting the world’s largest biometric data center(AADHAR), relocation services for top companies including Oracle lab, Tata Consultancy, Flipkart, Sandisk, Google, and Amazon, to name a few. All these with the worth of more than Rs. Fifty crores and with the lowest claim ratio of 0.2%. Apart from domestic shifting, the relocation services by Interem also offer international and machinery relocation, automobile, pet relocation, settling-in, and warehouse services. Interem ensures that the entire shifting process is carried out safely and effectively with customized, innovative packing techniques. Moreover, the company also has superior transportation services and provides priority shipment options.

Carrying out the entire shifting process consumes a big chunk of time. It is also crucial to choose a service provider that is reputed and responsible, especially for data center relocation and machinery relocation, as the stakes are very high to keep everything protected and delivered in one piece. The shifting process needs to be carried out in a highly organized manner so that nothing is left out or misplaced from the initial lot.

Interem is definitive and cost-effective in offering shifting services beyond satisfaction with safe freight across the globe.

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